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‘Unto These Hills’ Shakes a Nation

Museum of Cherokee Indian group photo

The Cherokee story is one that shouldn’t be lost in time. These resilient people brought the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains alive with their spirit and way of life. And “Unto These Hills” keeps their stories alive.

It’s an outstanding outdoor drama that tells the story of who these people were, who they are, and how things came to be. In this 2,100-seat Mountainside Theater in Cherokee, NC, brilliant actors transport the audience into an authentic tale of Cherokee life through acting, singing and dance.

The quality of surround-sound effects, fog and theatrical features are impressive, taking you through a cathartic experience of love, loss tradition and ritual. From the tragedies of the Trail of Tears, to present day where Cherokee people still struggle to find their place in society, this is a show that will transform the way you look at this area, these people, and this country. Don’t miss it. Buy tickets here.