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Living Large with Tiny Life Homes

sunset retreat exterior by tiny life homes

The mountain town of Franklin, NC lies in the heart of the Nantahala National Forest at the outermost edges of Western North Carolina. Known for extraordinary outdoor adventures, beautiful scenery, and an easy way of life, it has become a popular destination for those seeking a simpler existence. It was with that mindset that Tiny Life Homes chose Franklin as their home.

Tiny homes are popping up everywhere as permanent residences, vacation homes, and rental properties. The joys of going tiny are almost infinite, and park model homes are quickly becoming the premier choice for tiny living. Beautiful, smart, and economical, these diminutive homes have it all.

What sets a park model home apart is they are considered recreational vehicles, meaning they are fully transportable but also designed for permanent placement anywhere a mobile home or Recreational Vehicle or RV is permitted. Federal and state laws mandate that an RV can be no larger than 400 square feet, and local zoning and mobile park regulations require that a structure must be attached to ground anchors. A Park Model Home meets all of these qualifications, making it an ideal choice straddling the best of both worlds.

tiny life homes living space

So Why Consider Tiny Living Anyway?

For one, stop spending your life maintaining a home. A park model home means saying goodbye to Saturday morning cleaning and hours of yard work. Have more time for family adventures outside of the home and spend more time with them inside. No teens disappearing into their room to play video games or kids watching tv in another room. Tiny Life Homes encourage more social interaction and family bonding.

The mental and emotional benefits of owning one of these homes are freeing. Declutter your home and declutter your mind. Whittle down your possessions to the bare minimum and only surround yourself with meaningful belongings. Living small also means you’re less tempted to buy more stuff.

Financially, it just makes sense. Tiny Life Homes cost less to purchase than traditional homes and save you money on electricity, heating and cooling, insurance and taxes. Besides, spending less of your income on living expenses means more to spend on really living.

Living tiny doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the treasures that don’t fit. A storage building is the perfect solution to keep your belongings organized and categorized without cluttering your tiny home. It will also protect your possessions from the elements and theft.

With 14 models ranging from rustic charm to luxury accommodations, you can select the park model home that feels the most like home with optional features that make it unique to you. The Lincoln log cabin model sleeps six and can feature an open-air porch with a ceiling fan, while the Sedona is reminiscent of a rustic farmhouse, bringing the outside in with 24 windows. The Sea Breeze model even includes a full set of stairs and a queen-sized bed in the primary bedroom.

Come to Franklin, NC for the simple things in life and choose a park model home to keep it that way.