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Garlic Mustard and Botany Walk

One Time Event
03/28/2024 - 03/28/2024
Mainspring Conservation Trust, Inc Robbinsville

Walk with a botanist and restore native habitat!

Garlic Mustard is a nonnative, invasive plant that thrives in shade and rich soils. By densely colonizing our forest floors, it pushes out our diverse native wildflowers and confuses native insects, including pollinators. Garlic Mustard spreads aggressively by seed, but is easy to pull by hand, so we will be removing as much as we can before it goes to seed and spreads farther.

This is not only a chance to restore native habitat for our wonderful native plants and animals to flourish in, but is also an opportunity to explore a gated Forest Service road with a botanist! As we traverse a wildlife meadow, pass by mossy boulder fields, and investigate pristine seeps, USFS Botanist Maria Dunlavey will share her extensive knowledge of Southern Appalachian plants. Though many plants will still be asleep, we can expect to see early spring wildflowers, ferns, mosses (and other bryophytes), and more curiosities!

During this event, we will walk down a 2.5 mile section of Forest Service road, pulling Garlic Mustard by hand as we go. Duties involve carrying a trash bag as we walk, and periodically bending or kneeling to pull up plants (or admire native wildflowers!) Tools and snacks will be provided, but bring a lunch and your own work gloves if you have them. No experience is necessary; Garlic Mustard is easy to ID even if you are a beginner botanist, and all volunteers will be given a brief ID lesson.

This event is scheduled from 10:00am-3:00pm on Thursday, March 28th. We will meet at the road to Walker Fields (approximate coordinates 35.259501, -83.814534), south of Robbinsville. See the map on our website for exact location. Participants will receive an email with detailed directions prior to the event. Fill out the form on our website to register for this event. 

This event is free and open to the public, and is weather-dependent. Volunteers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Email Skye with any questions.