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The Outsider: A Comedy by Paul Slade Smith

One Time Event
05/18/2024 - 05/18/2024
Peacock Performing Arts Center Hayesville NC 28904

“There is no doubt about it. The Outsider is one of the funniest shows you will see this year.” – Let’s Go to the Theatre

“An insightful, witty satire about modern American politics. Funny, timely and – dare we say – entirely possible.” – Broadway World

A hilarious comedy about a “just the facts, Ma’am” sort of accountant/Lieutenant Governor who just wants to do his job and not be trapped into what he thinks of as “politics.”

But when his boss has to resign due to a sex scandal, he is forced into becoming governor – a job he doesn’t want. He can’t even succeed at the ordinary task of being sworn-in without mumbling and stumbling! 

So how does his Chief of Staff, who knows his amazing math abilities and his ability to solve budgetary problems, convince this hapless “worst candidate ever” to remain governor, especially since his poll numbers are atrociously bad? Assemble a supportive team! A temp who’s totally clueless; a reporter who’s been told not to ask any difficult questions; a political consultant who’s in it to build his reputation.

Silliness, slyness, savvy solutions abound, and you need to join in the fun at the Peacock!