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Soothe the Psoas

One Time Event
12/03/2023 - 12/03/2023
The Yoga + Bodywork Collective Waynesville NC 28786

Most of us have a psoas that is short and tight from sitting all day. We also tend to fold forward more often than we bend backward which further restricts and inhibits the psoas from its full expression and length.  Many of us try to compensate for this by overstretching and over lengthening the psoas muscle which can actually cause more restriction and tension.

Our psoas is actually usually overworked and overused to the point where it is fatigued and no longer healthy and pliable from a tissue standpoint. Less is more when it comes to the psoas and recognizing the compensatory patterns with a tight and restricted psoas can help restore freedom and healthy movement to this area.

Join me, Jay MacDonald, for this psoas soothing class and discover how much better your spine and hips can feel when the psoas is happy and healthy!